This is for you, Annalise Keating.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.50.17 AM

Ambitious. Black. Angry. Sad. Strong. Those were some of the traits that Annalise Keating described herself in the last episode of the How to Get Away with Murder which I fell in love with since its first episode.

I would always recommend the series because it’s fierce, it’s fast and it’s fantastic! The characters are relatable and loveable (especially Connor and Oliver). Annalise Keating will always be a household name in law-crime-suspense series genre.

This is not a review post but more of an expression of my gratitude to the entire production team especially to Peter Nowalk for his incredible storytelling skills. No single episode was odd and boring in all of the 6 seasons.

Thank you Annalise, for the lessons and skills I learned from you, your negotiation skills, your stand for truth (or lies) and your energy and charisma. You will always be my greatest fictional influencer.

Rest in peace. (Not a spoiler)

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