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The following quoted and unedited feedback came from some of JD’s participants in his training sessions. Photos and profile links are included with their consent. #TrainWithJD


“The G Suite for Education and Google Certified Educator Training by Sir JD proves he is one of the best Google Certified Innovators in the world. During his G Suite for Education training at Colegio de San Juan de Letran last 2018, I could really feel his passion for technology by how he helped us integrate Google into our existing learning plans and activities. His ability to provide clear instructions and real-world examples throughout the training, yet still allowing the learners to be independent and have fun throughout the learning process really was a highlight of his teaching style. Sir JD makes sure you are ready for higher levels of learning and pushes you to achieve your goals. Kudos to you, Sir JD!”

Kenneth Roy V. Aranas, RPm
Faculty, Social Science
Senior High School
Colegio de San Juan de Letran

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“Wayback 2017, Sir JD Mercado was our Trainer in learning more about the Google Suite Apps. As for me who is fond of joining different seminars, training, and workshops, I consider that Mandaluyong’s GEG Training as one of the BEST & EFFECTIVE whole-day training session. That 8-hr training had an organized flow of discussions, sharings, & hands-on activities.

Sir JD as the main trainer of the said seminar, is evidently competent & outstanding. He’s so generous in sharing everything he knows about Google which inspires me more to take the GCE Level 1. It’s been 3 years since I became a GCE and just recently, I took another exam for my recertification. And now that I personally saw the need of sharing also what we learned from their team, especially now that we’re gradually shifting to ODL (online distance learning), I created a Facebook Page & YouTube Channel that could be used as a platform for sharing this kind of training to other educators — and the GEG Training I received from Sir JD has been a great help, for that to materialize and become possible. This platform is also my way of saying THANK YOU and #PayingItForward after receiving this relevant training from Sir JD & his team.

Maximizing the use of Google Suite Apps has always been making a great impact on my personal & professional growth. It helps me become more organized and efficient in managing all my deliverables may it be on my personal errands, tasks in my job, or requirements in my graduate studies.”

Ms. Mary Joy A. Villareal
Caloocan National Science & Technology HS